Between April and October, we have various volunteer opportunities, including:

  • Trawling: Full-day boating trips designed to collect data on fish populations, habitat distribution, and water quality. Heavy lifting required.

  • eDNA sampling: Full-day boating trips to collect water samples for DNA extraction.

  • Eelgrass restoration: Annual hands-on experience, this year on 6/22/19. Come to the SB Marine Station to learn all about eelgrass, and how we use it to restore our beautiful bay! There will be games, raffles, and talks on the promising signs of our restoration success! The event will start at 10 am and run for about 2 hours. Rain or shine! If you have a large group coming, please let us know in advance (if possible) so that we can prepare accordingly. Read more info on our Event Page:
    eelgrass flyer

  • Shell Recycling: Collecting discarded shells from partner restaurants in the Port Jefferson area. Shells will be used to build oyster reefs in the bay.

  • BRUV viewing: Watching underwater videos and recording the species that appear. Familiarity with estuarine species preferred. Can be done remotely.

  • Map making: Creating maps as necessary through ESRI's ArcGIS platform.

If you are interested in helping with any of the above responsibilities, shoot us an email at

Concrete schedules will be posted as the field season approaches. Stay tuned!


Eelgrass restoration

Shell Recycling